Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator Addons and Utilities

Many also for FS98 & FS2000

CFS2 Enhanced Mesh

  Enhanced Terrain for Combat Flight Simulator 2

CFS Scenery

  The full collection of my sceneries for CFS. Individual Airfield sceneries and complete countries

Seasons in CFS

  The necessary instructions and tools to give your CFS setup real seasons including snow in winter  

Elevated Mesh Scenery

  All my current Elevated mesh sceneries with pictures. Also available in CFS Scenery  

Scenery Macros

  Macro (API) files for use with Airport 2.10 or scasm. CFS Library object macros, Moving object macros, One-off macros, Flag/sign/ground macros. Many usable in FS2000 and FS98

Utilities & Tools

  Tools for Scenery creation, Elevated mesh, AFDs, Seeds, BGL Linking, Texture conversion, Extended Bitmaps, Classlist generation  


  Some old and new articles that may prove helpful and informative (or not!) plus the Extended Bitmap "White Paper"

CFS Aircraft

  Only one at the moment (so many things, so little time....)