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Addon Scenery for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator


Asch (Experimental)

Boxted (active/static)

Brooklands (active or Static)

Coastal Convoy (Active)

Gravesend (static)

Welzow (active/static)

EMT Scenery



Solomon Islands

Hawaii - Hawaii

Hawaii - Kauai

Hawaii - Oahu

Isle of Arran



Elevated Mesh Terrain Screenshots

The Eastern Front Collection

Installation for all Sceneries

To install just unzip the chosen file to <CFS Folder>\Scenery\All\Scenery\ then take a Free Flight from the Installed Airfield in the Airfield Menu. Unless otherwise stated no other files or Libraries are required. Read any install information included in the package as any special requirements or locations will be listed there.

Any Installed Scenery will become part of the CFS World and will appear at the appropriate loacation in all CFS modes (Free-Flight, Quick-Combat, Campaigns, Missions......)

Active Objects In Scenery

For Scenery containing Active Objects Image Complexity must be set to "Very Dense" for the Active Parts to be Visible. Setting Image Complexity to "Dense" will just leave the Static scenery visible without affecting the display of normal scenery. Image Complexity is found in the "Settings" part of CFS or from the "Options->Settings" menu during flight.


Coastal Convoy 1940

Moving scenery depicting a Coastal Convoy moving down towards Dover for the dash down the Channel. One hour movement. Merchantmen, Destroyers and towed Barrage Balloons.

Download (5k)


Boxted B17 Bomber Base

Scenery of Boxted Airfield in East Anglia created with CFSAct2 Macros. Activity includes Bombers taking off, landing and Circling overhead. Watch out for the Planes crossing your Runway.

Download (8k)


Brooklands RAF Airfield

A demonstration of the results that can be achieved with Airport and CFSApi and CFSAct macros. Built (almost) completely with CFS Library objects. Many objects (vehicles, AA guns) are moving in Active Version.

Download (5k)

Download Static Version(3k)


Welzow Luftwaffe Airfield

Scenery of Welzow Airfield in Eastern Germany created with CFSAct Macros.Activity includes Moving/Firing vehicles and AA, Lots of Flak and a bit of Tracer. Get within 50m of a Flak burst going off and you are History!

Download (6k)


Gravesend Satellite Airfield

Scenery of Gravesend, Kent, as a Satellite (or Temporary) Grass-Runway Airfield for Forward staging of Fighter Squadrons.

Incorporates a Radar or RDF station covering the Thames Approaches to London

Download (3k)


Asch Me262 Training Base

Experimental scenery using "True Movement" macros. This is a beta version for general assessment. The nearest I have got to continuous smooth movement of CFS Library objects. Check out the Hangar Area.

Download (24k)


Isle of Arran

Example scenery to demonstrate the features of CfsTmap. The Isle of Arran just off the West coast of Scotland. All done with Elevated Mesh with CfsTmap. This is an updated version to take advantage of improvements in CfsTmap.Don`t download this if you have Scotland installed

Download (36k)


Kauai (Hawaii)

Demonstration scenery of CfsTmap using GTOPO30 DEM Elevation data. 5000 sq km of the Hawaiian island of Kauai including Airfield and CFS menu entry.

Download (8k)


Oahu (Hawaii)

Demonstration scenery of CfsTmap using GTOPO30 DEM Elevation data. 6000 sq km of the Hawaiian island of Oahu including Airfield and CFS menu entry. Depicts Honolulu and Pearl Harbor. Short flight West to Kauai, Long flight SouthEast to Hawaii. Updated version with Revised Pearl Harbor with Ford Island Naval Airbase.

Download (9k)



Demonstration scenery of CfsTmap using GTOPO30 DEM Elevation Data. 10000 sq km depicting Guadalcanal, Savo and the Florida Islands in the Solomon Islands. Includes Henderson Field Military Airfield with scenery (and refuelling Truck!) with CFS menu entry. 2nd Version adds the Russell Islands (with 2 Airfields) and a map.

Download (50k)



The Main Island in the Hawaiian Chain. 15000 sq km and up to 14000 feet! Big, Green and Lumpy. CFS Airfield at Naalehu. Took me an hour to circumnavigate in a Spitfire. Made with CfsTmap using the new AutoDEM feature.

Download (30k)



DEM Scenery of the Mediterranean Island of Majorca (Mallorca) with plain grass (no runway) airfield at Palma Del Mallorca. Created with CfsTmap in about 3 hours while testing new program features

Download (12k).



DEM scenery of the Island of Crete. 18000 sq km with Airfields at Maleme, Retimo and Heraklion

Download (26k)



DEM scenery covering the whole of Scotland from Orkney and the Outer Hebrides down to the CFS Default England scenery. Airfields at Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Kirkwall (Orkney), Stornoway (Lewis) and Loch Ness. All Islands included (except Shetland). You will need to remove the "Arran" scenery if you have it installed. Extra Classlists included for "Seasonal" textures (Winter and Fall/Winter). Approx 160,000 sq km (62,000 sq miles)

This is Version 2 which fixes many of the problems in V1 and adds more towns and Roads, Rivers, Railways

Download (332k)


Solomon Islands

Used in conjunction with Guadalcanal this will cover about 80% of the Solomon Islands. Bougainville, Choiseul, Santa Isabel, New Georgia and all the surrounding smaller Islands.

Download (66k)