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Supermarine Spitfire MkVB (CFS1)

Supermarine Spitfire MkVB (CFS2)

Supermarine Spitfire FL.MkIXE (CFS2)

Supermarine Spitfire MkVB for CFS

Repaint of Standard MkI in the colours of the Squadron Commander of 303 Squadron (Free Polish) from 1941-1944

Features modified Air file for the more powerful Merlin engine and alternative DP files for A, B or C armament (selectable via batch file)

Will not replace or affect any existing CFS plane

To install just browse to your CFS Aircraft Folder and create a new Folder Spitfire_Mk5 (or whatever you want that doesn`t exist already) then unzip the archive to there,. You can create the folder from within WinZip while unzipping. You can then go to the Spitfire_Mk5 folder and, if you want to change the default "B" armament double-click the "Use-?-Guns.bat" for the Armament you want - you can change it any time.

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