Useful Information

A set of Information Documents that might Prove useful when designing CFS Scenery

Bitmaps Info

Detailed Information on the new "Extended Bitmap" formats used by CFS and FS2000.

Airport Tip 1

Setting up Airport to Run efficiently with CFS

Airport Tip 2

Guide to Quickly creating an Airfield Scenery on an existing bare-runway Airfield

Prop Problems

Problems Converting Variable-Transparency Propellor bitmaps for use on your own Models? Have a look then download the programs here if required.

Editing 16 bit 444 Transparency

Editing a 16 bit 444 image in Bmp2000 doesn`t change the transparency data - Description and programs to directly edit the Transparency Channel

1024x1024 Extended Bitmaps

Hack program and instructions for creating 1024x1024 256 colour Extended Bitmaps despite Bmp2000`s 512x512 limit