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Seasons in CFS

(please see updates at bottom of page)

A major breakthrough by Bill Potvin has "Released" many of the FS98 features that still lie dormant in CFS.

His new "CFO Weather" package available on his website gives CFS users the Weather options that were missing and also restores full Time of Day setting (including Night!) and the Flights, Instant Replay and Videos with the promise of Adventures and Challenges once he has checked out a few more things.

Of course using the new features to change the season will just adjust factors such as lighting, Sun position and visibility - the Ground textures will stay the same as before.

The second part of the equation is the provision of alternative textures for use in winter. Misho Katulic has posted a very high quality set of Winter textures for CFS on his Terrabuilder Website covering the full 294 Default bitmaps. This is a major download - 20meg for all 8 parts but well worth it.

The final requirement is some way of switching textures at the appropriate time.I have created a new Classlist.bgl to replace the standard one in the scenery\All\Scenery\ folder in CFS that provides this.

Once all 3 parts are installed it all becomes Automatic. Change the season to Winter and the scenery will change. Change the season back to Spring, Summer or Fall and the default scenery will return.

3 versions of the Classlist are available to cater to different preferences.

See Classlist.txt for more details on requirements and installation
Update 22/09/00

Bob Wise has uploaded a full set of "Fall" textures to here . He has included a 3-Season classlist so that they will work in conjunction with the "Winter" textures. I am adding new classlists here to extend the option into other sceneries.

Update 18/11/00

BmpSeason now available to Auto-create seasonal textures from the default set

Replacement Classlist.bgl Downloads

Download - Landable water all year

Download - Non-Landable water all year

Download - Landable water in Winter Only


  3 Seasons - Summer/Fall/Winter - Landable Water

Download - 3 Season Classlist for my Scotland Scenery

Note - Since this document was written the Winter and Fall textures are not available any more (or at least are very hard to locate). Using BmpSeason may be the only way to get hold of seasonal textures.

Update 27/08/04

Bill Potvin`s website is going off the air. If unable to reach it from the link in the main text then you can reach the full mirror site I have created here (thanks Bill) to keep all the files available for users. Use the CFS Operations banner link below to reach the mirror then use the "Modules" link to locate cfo_weather for CFS1.