Cfs Operations


This area includes add-on Modules and other utilities.

Cfo Weather version 6.5.8 - This package is for CFS1 ONLY.

Cfo Weather version 7.5.7 - This package is for CFS2 ONLY.

Sim Favorites - "Favorites" for CFS2, FS2002 and FS2004.

Setscale - This is a utility for adjusting the scaling factor of add-on aircraft so that when they are used as Cfs AI aircraft, they will appear in a size more consistent with that of default Cfs aircraft. A graphical version and a console version are included. This is for CFS1 ONLY.

Setdp - This is a console mode utility for adjusting the damage boxes in Damage Profile files and is meant as a companion to the Setscale utility. This is for CFS1 ONLY.

Setclass - This is a graphical utility for adjusting the "ground class" of the textures defined within a default CLASSLIST.BGL file. This is for CFS1 ONLY.

Cfo_E6B - A simple E6B calculator.

Cfo Lat/Lon Converter - A latitude/longitude converter.

Cfo Pseudo-degree Converter - A pseudo-degree converter.

Cfo_Stdatm - A simple standard atmosphere calculator.

Other Module And Utility Information



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