Cfs Operations


Here's what's new at CFS OPERATIONS:



  • Sim Favorites version 1.0.8 posted.


  • Sim Favorites package posted.



  • Cfo_Weather version 7.5.6 for CFS2 ONLY posted.


  • Cleanup


  • Cleanup.


  • Cfo_Weather version 7.5.4 for CFS2 ONLY posted.


  • Added a small [technical] paper about software performance.


  • Cfo_Weather version 6.5.8 for CFS1 ONLY posted.
  • Cfo_Weather version 7.5.2 for CFS2 ONLY posted.
  • The Setdp utility has been re-posted.
  • Several new papers posted intermittently since 08APR2001:
    • Airfile Section 542
    • Mdlpatchw - More MDL Butchery
    • Animation Conversion
    • The "CONVERTMDL" Utility
  • The Objtobgl utility has been posted.
  • The Guid utility has been posted.


  • Added a short paper: Visual Models - The Next Step?
  • The Setclass utility has been re-posted and is in the Modules area.


  • Added a short paper: Model Variables - An Evolution
  • Added a short paper: The Visual Model Interface


  • Added a short paper: Crashing The Sim - Corrupt MDL files
  • Added a short paper: Standard Simulator Model Variables
  • Added a short paper: Model Variable Bitmasks


  • A new version of Cfo_Weather, version 2.9.1, has been released. This version is still for CFS version 1 only. A few bugs have been fixed and the Simulation Rate menu has been disabled for Multiplayer mode.
  • The Setscale utility has been re-posted and is in the Modules area.
  • A link has been added to the Flight Simulator Visual Models paper.


  • More cleanup.


More cleanup.

  • The Windows Installer version of various downloads have been removed.
  • Several Cfs Version 1 specific reference documents have been removed.
  • The former Training area has been renamed Reference.


  • A number of downloads have been removed since they are not useful under Combat Flight Simulator Version 2. The downloads removed include:
    • The Midway Islands scenery.
    • The Ploesti scenery.
    • The Wake Island scenery.
    • The Setclass utility.
    • The Setdp utility.
    • The Setscale utility.
    • The Setscalew utility.


  • A paper describing Flight Simulator Visual Models, (MDLs), has been posted.
  • A Custom MDL Creation Service has been introduced.


  • The Refuel/Dump gauges have been updated and merged into a single gauge "package", Cfo_Gauges.


  • A new, Microsoft Installer version of the Cfo_Weather download has been posted. There have been no updates to the package itself; the files in the new, .Msi, download are the same as the files in the .Zip download that was posted on 02AUG2000.


  • Cfo Weather Version 2.7.2 posted. Significant changes have been made to the installation process. Please read the installation section of the documentation very carefully.


  • Cfo Weather Version 2.7.1 posted.


  • The Airfields_Ndb package has been updated to correct several errors in beacon placement. In addition, previously undocumented VORs and ILSs are now included in the reference material.


  • Most of the current sceneries have been updated to include Facilities Data for all Navaids, including ILS where present. This is to allow the FS2K "Flight Planner" to be used when running the sceneries under that platform. The following sceneries have been updated:
    • Airfields_Ndb - Navaids added to Facilities Data and entries for non-default scenery locations removed.
    • Hawaii - Navaids added to Facilities Data.
    • Korea - Navaids added to Facilities Data and several towns added.
    • Midway - Navaids added to Facilities Data.
    • Wake - Navaids added to Facilities Data.


  • Cfo Weather Version 2.7.0 posted.
    • Option added to have Cfo Weather restore the flight window size and position.
    • Selection added to the "Go To..." sub-menu for the Main Screen.
    • Simulation Rate sub-menu added with selections for the complete spread of rates from 1/4 (Slowest) to 128X (Fastest).
    • Two Flights added.


  • Cfo Weather Version 2.6.1 posted.


  • A document describing guidelines for Reposting CFS OPERATIONS Files has been posted. 
  • The site has been cleaned out and trimmed down.


  • Version 2.5.1 of the Cfo Weather package has been posted.
  • A new gauge has been posted, Cfo_Refuel_Dump, which adds the ability to dump fuel to the basic Cfo_Refuel gauge.


  • Version 2.5.0 of the Cfo Weather package has been posted. Options have been added for Free Flight, Quick Combat, Single Missions and Training Missions.
  • Korea scenery has been posted.


  • Version 1 of the Cfo Weather package has been released.
  • I made some changes to my scenery generation program designed to reduce the number of BGL files for a given batch of scenery. The following sceneries are effected and have been updated:
    • Hawaii
    • Midway
    • North Africa
    • Ploesti
    • Wake


  • Updates have been posted for the following sceneries:
    • North Africa - Bug fix.
    • Hawaii - Some textures changed and airfields added to Molokai and Maui.
    • Midway - Some textures changed and two new islands added.
    • Wake - Some textures changed.


  • New North Africa scenery replaces the Bengasi scenery.
  • The Hawaii scenery has been updated to include a few new fields and navaids.
  • The Airfields NDB scenery has been updated.
  • Added a "Screen Shots" page with shots of selected bits of scenery.


  • New Ploesti scenery has been posted. The area covered has been increased dramatically.


  • Update to the Midway Islands scenery, expanding it's coverage to match up with the Hawaiian Islands scenery.


  • Several new Cfs-style scenery packages have been posted including Hawaii, Midway and Wake Island.
  • The Cfo_Refuel gauge has been updated to account for anomalies found when used with the Beta version of our "Weather" module.


  • The Cfo_Refuel gauge has been updated to allow specification of how much fuel to take on. In addition, the gauge now requires that the aircraft be stopped when on the ground before refueling will take place.


  • A new Gauges section has been added with two brand new gauges: A Multi-Function Display gauge and an Inflight Refueling gauge.


  • A few new fields have been added to the Airfields package, along with the addition of the first release of the Cfs Operations scenery object library.
  • The Airfield NDBs package has been updated to include beacons at the new fields created in the Airfields package. Also, a few NDBs have been changed, in cases where they corresponded closely to modern beacons, to reflect those modern positions and transmitting frequencies.


  • A new Zip archive for the Bengasi Scenery has been posted. The previous archive was missing an essential file.


  • A new version of Setscale[w] is available which works with at least one variant of MDL modified by the animator program.
  • Updates to campaigns and missions to correct waypoint path speed errors.


  • Ever wanted to "ditch" your battered plane, or maybe take your float plane for a spin, but been defeated by Cfs' insistant crashing whenever you touch the water? Fix that problem with the new Setclass utility!


  • Two new fields added to the Airfields scenery.
  • Updates to the Navaids for Cfs scenery to add NDBs for the new fields.


  • A new version, 1.0.8, of Setscale[w] has been released. This version includes updated support for animator modified Model files.
  • New Scenery add-on: Navaids for Cfs. This package adds Non-Directional Radio Beacons, (NDBs), to all of the default Cfs airfields and "Areas Of Interest", plus it adds NDBs for the "new" Cfs-style Airfields available in the Airfields package. The scenery also places Cfs "Radar Towers" at each NDB location. Extensive documentation, reference material and a tutorial are also included in the package, along with two custom gauges.


  • A new version, 1.0.7, of Setscale[w] has been released. This version includes updated support for animator modified Model files.


  • A new version, 1.0.6, of Setscale[w] has been released. This version includes updated support for animator modified Model files.


  • A new version, 1.0.5, of Setscale[w] has been released. This version includes support for animator modified Model files.


  • Three new missions have been added:
    • Join two pilots from the 20th FG as they pit their Mustangs against 50 Luftwaffe fighters in a free-for-all near Guetersloh, Germany.
    • Fly along with Maj. Meyers and Lt. O'Croy as they make the first ME-262 kill near Brussels.
    • Take your first live gunnery training and get bounced by ME-109s in this "Just For Fun" mission.
  • How about a few new airfields? Not FS98 airports, but "real", CFS airfields. Check out this new, expanding, Airfields scenery package which adds Chievres, Horsham St. Faith, Manston (Kent), and Molesworth to the default Cfs scenery!
  • We've also added a couple of new aircraft: A repaint of the default P-47D to the grey colors used by the 56th FG, and a repaint of the default B-17G to the orange hue of a target drone.
  • Finally, we've added a Downloads page so that you can more easily find the files you want.


  • A new, Windows version of Setscale has been released.


  • A new version of the Setdp utility has been released. This version fixes a problem with complete updates under Windows 9x.


  • More scenery! A new bit of scenery has been added to go along with the Ploesti mission: Bengasi, Libya, where most of the bombers launched. This newest scenery also demonstrates using textures other than the default Cfs .BMPs.
  • All three scenery packages now include Cfs airfields which appear in the "Airfields" drop down list in Free Flight.
  • The Ploesti, Romania scenery has been updated to include a more overall mountainous terrain. 
  • The Ploesti mission has been updated to account for the new, Bengasi, scenery.


  • A new version of the Setscale utility has been released. This version fixes a problem some were having with certain Model files.
  • A new utility, Setdp, has been released. This utility is a companion to Setscale and allow you to quickly and easily scale the damage boxes in an aircraft's Damage Profile.
  • After some additional experimentation with the new CFS scenery instructions, I'm releasing a new bit of scenery: a ficticious island off the west coast of England, which I'm calling Pooh's Island.
  • What fun would scenery be without a mission to go along with it? Well, there's a new "Just For Fun" mission involving the island.
  • How about a beautiful Thunderbolt repaint? Reno has done a superb job with this 78th FG P-47D, to be featured in an upcoming ME-262 mission.


  • A new version of the Setscale utility has been released. This version fixes a problem with certain Model files and adds a "View Only" command line switch to allow viewing an existing scale value without actually changing it.
  • Having trouble selecting the proper Map for your mission? Check out the new Cfs Mission Maps Reference in the Training Area.


  • Tired of trying to fight tiny add-on aircraft? Well, here's a solution - the new Setscale utility.


  • The Ploesti mission has been posted.


  • The Ploesti, Romania scenery has been posted. I believe that this is the very first non-Microsoft Cfs-style scenery.


  • A new document has been added to the Training area which describes the new-style Cfs scenery.


  • New items added to the Training area.


  • New mission added to the 56th FG Campaign.
  • New missions added to the Missions area and to the Just for Fun area.
  • New items added to the Training area.
  • Minor adjustments have been made to all of the missions, so please download again to make sure you've got the latest version.


  • Several new missions have been added to the Battle of the Bulge Campaign.
  • A discussion about Defining Airfields has been added to the Training area.


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