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Macro (Api) Files for Airport 2.10

For creating Scenery

If just marked then these macros are for Combat Flight Simulator only. This may be because they use CFS objects or because they require certain default CFS Texture Files. If marked or then the macros can be used with FS98 or FS2000 Scenery. Generally macros that use R8 textures can be used by all FS versions while those that use Bmp textures can only be used with CFS and FS2000.

Some objects have been created (all or partially) with VOD3.0 or DDay1.0 - Both the Work of Rafael Sanchez


Click on an Image to download the chosen Archive.

Unzip the downloaded file to a temporary folder then drag & drop them to the appropriate destination folder.

The general rule is :-

*.API files - Put where you usually put your Airport user-api files

*.BMP files - Put in <your Airport Folder>\Resource\

*.R8 files - Put in <your CFS Folder>\Texture\

but please read any accompanying TXT files as this may not always apply.


English Gasholder - Full and Empty

These things used to be all over Britain. The central Tank going up and down as it filled and emptied. Created at the request of David Greenhalgh.

The Empty version would probably work with FS but the full version utilises a CFS object so is CFS Only. Created in VOD



Aircraft Hangar

Created in DDay to utilise a default CFS texture that is not used by any of the Standard CFS Library objects



Walls, Hedges & Fences

A collection of 25m lengths of barriers that can have several different Textures selectable via Airport Parameter.


Download drawr8.ZIP

Ground Texture Api

A general purpose macro for drawing whole R8 textures on to rhe ground surface. Any Black areas will be transparent. Size and Rotation can be set from the normal Airport Scale & Heading settings. Can also be used with BMP images if Colour 0 is set transparent (with Bmp2000 or CFSBmp). R8 textures will be drawn "Flipped"

Includes sample "Pond" R8 texture.



Sign Api

A general purpose macro for the creation of Signs. Any Black areas will be transparent. Use ConvR8 to edit one of the included textures or create your own from scratch. Top half is front and bottom half (reversed) is back.



Flag Api

A general purpose macro for the creation of Flags or tall/thin upright objects. Any Black areas will be transparent. Use ConvR8 to edit the included texture or create your own from scratch. Left half is front and Right half (reversed) is back.



Refuelling Truck

Combination of a "Fuel Area" and a moving CFS Vehicle. Fuel Truck stops in the area for 2 minutes out of every 8 then drives away to get more juice. Planes will only get fuel when truck stopped (otherwise wait for the next one to come along!). Includes Apis for British, German and American Fuel Trucks



Moving Searchlight

Moving Searchlight macro with Adjustable vertical angle and 3 speeds (fast, slow and intermittent). Mix speed, heading and angle to get realistic multiple searchlights