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Utility to allow the editing (in your favourite paint program) of CFS and FS2000 Extended Format Bitmaps without losing the extra data. Replacement program for CFSBmp with new features

Enhanced editing of Palette Transparency Data. Load and save transparency maps.

Supports all FS2000 Bitmap variations 8/16/32 bit .

Optional smoothing of Auto-created SubImages

Batch conversion of multiple images

Problem-free Creation of replacement Ground textures by merging or importing new images

Will also create Extended Format Bitmaps from normal Bitmaps. Will load and scale images in any format supported by mwgfx.dll

The maximum size supported by Bmp2000 is 512x512. The creation of larger (1024x1024 and 2048x2048) Extended bitmaps and the creation of non-square Extended bitmaps can be done with BmpExt.

This Program requires at least mwgfx.dll 4.00.99 to Function. If you already have one of my Programs installed then you may already have it (but Check here for the Latest Version). Extra Formats are available with the Full DLL Set

4.00.14 (12/01/00) Enhanced version giving the facility to set Colour 0 to be transparent when Batch-converting multiple images from standard to Extended format
4.00.15 (07/02/00) Processing of 16 bit 444 Images changed so that the transparency channel is preserved.
Darkening during "Create Image Set" greatly reduced
New "Import CFS" feature
4.00.16 (20/02/00) Import Std modified so no sub-images created. Allows the editing of the palette without modifying the Image data (see Bmp2k.txt for details)
4.00.17 (26/02/00) Added new control for adjusting the amount of lightening or darkening applied to subimages when using "Create Image Set" for finer control over the appearance of Ground textures
4.00.17b (18/06/00) Bugfix to cure a problem when editing 2x2 subimages in 256 colour bitmaps. Package now in plain zip form and includes mwgfx.dll 4.00.100 to avoid problems caused when using an older version of the dll
4.00.18 (27/06/00) Update to give support for the direct conversion and editing of AF99 Aircraft textures
4.00.19 (29/06/00) Added simple "View Transparency" option during Transparency editing
4.00.20 (02/07/00) Added new "Update+palette" button to allow the changing of the palette during editing in the Paint program
4.00.21 (20/07/00) Extended AF99 loading so that any Raw texture will be loaded "Flipped" if loaded via "Load Extended"
4.00.22 (07/08/00) Fix for a bug in 16 bit 444 Transparency Preservation (thanks Pablo)
4.00.23 (05/09/00) Fixed a compatibility problem between Bmp2000 and the MS ImageTool
4.00.26 (26/02/01) Corrected (?) the Read-Only bug in Extended AF99 Load
4.00.28 (26/05/01) Added the Integration of ImageTool (from the FS2000 scenery sdk)


Download PDF Documentation
the Latest dll set (required unless you already have it)