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BmpExt - Asymmetric Converter/Transparency Editor

The Discovery that FS2000 can use Asymmetric (Non-Square) Extended Bitmaps opens up a whole new range of possibilities. These Bitmaps can have any valid (Power of 2) size for width and height at least up to 2048.

Bmp2000 can only work with Square Bitmaps so BmpExt was written to allow the Conversion of any size of Image to a 256 Colour Extended Bitmap of the nearest valid width and height. It also allows the editing of the Palette Transparency levels during the conversion process (or the Transparency editing of any 256 colour Extended Bitmap of any size from any source)

This Program requires mwgfx.dll to function. This can be found on the Graphics page or can be downloaded directly from the bottom of this page. If you already have any of the Graphics programs on this site installed then you will already have mwgfx.dll on your system.



Initial Release version



Modification to "Save" to use the same filename as loaded if loaded as "Windows Bitmap (standard)"



Added simple Transparency Viewer option



Corrected possible Read-Only bug
Download (183k)

Download the Latest dll set (required unless you already have it)