Have you ever felt a bit faint when you see the price of that wonderful Glossy paper that seems to be the only way to get a really good print of a photograph on your Inkjet.

MPrint helps you get the most for your money.

Up to 10 images (in any supported format) can be loaded , moved and resized with the mouse and flipped 90 degrees in order to cover the maximum amount of that expensive paper. All images print in one pass.


Metric or Imperial - resized automatically with changed paper size or portrait/landscape

Remove one or all images

Printer setup dialog

Direct typing in of positions and sizes for fine tuning

Grid on/off

Requires the full set of DLLS for complete functioning with all file formats

22/02/04 - New version . Fixes some problems with XP and Win2000

Download mprintzp.exe Self-Extracting Archive (202k)

Download the Latest dll Set (required unless you already have it)