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A Utility for creating Flat Scenery for CFS using the default Ground Textures or for creating layers from extra "Construction Kit" Bitmaps that can contain Runways, Roads, Railways, New Ground Textures or virtually anything that can be represented by a Bitmap laid over the existing CFS Scenery - Transparent Bitmap backgounds fully supported.

If you want to see examples of what can be done with CFSMap then check out Paul Harmon`s Laken scenery and Ralf-J Triebel`s Bremen - both available on (I don`t lay any claim to the obvious Hard work and High Quality of these sceneries just the ease with which the underlying base could be created:)

Features Include
Ability to use any standard CFS ground textures rotated in steps of 90 degrees without the need to distribute textures with the final scenery
Automatic Matching of tiles at the click of a button. If at all possible textures will changed so that there is 100% matching of all tiles to their neighbours.
Option to Lock any tile to prevent it being changed during matching (to protect the important areas of the scenery)

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Creation of totally Random Scenery with Automatic Matching. Creation of every possible rotation of the Default texture for maximum matching with realistic results
Output as a combination of Airport 2.10 source (APT file) and Macro (API file) for direct loading into Airport for compilation to BGL.

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Create a Bitmap of the layout for importing into Airport as a Background Bitmap (correctly scaled for import at 10 pixels/100m) to assist in placing further objects in the scenery before compilation
Output as Scasm source code for external compilation
Direct Compilation to BGL plus the facility to copy the bgl to the selected CFS scenery folder and to run CFS to see what it looks like.

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Extensive support for add-on "Construction Kit" bitmap sets that can be used to create anything that can be represented on a flat surface. Currently available the massive collection of Runways, Taxiways, Roads, Railways and more by Ralf-J Triebel.
Ability to set the Layer priority of a layout so that several "Construction Kit" layouts can be created and overlayed in CFS to correctly display

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Functions to allow the creation of adjoining scenery areas with assistance in matching the new layout to the edge of the previous one - cover the empty world outside CFS-Europe!
Fill unlocked areas with a single image or with random images (with auto-matching)
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Download cfsmapz.exe Self-extracting Archive (includes mwgfx.dll)

Download the Latest mwgfx.dll (required unless you already have it)
Download the Current Support dll set (for extra formats/features)